Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Super Street Fighter IV

Well, Capcom had their teaser site up on the Japanese site for a day then another site finally broke the news. There will be a new addition to SFIV, Super Street Fighter IV. The news right now is that their planning on adding 8 characters to the game. Three are known; returning from Super Street Fighter 2 are Dee Jay and T.Hawk and a new character, Juri. Juri is a brand new character that is the first Korean Street Fighter and uses Taekwondo. Here's a new trailer, including the three new added characters.

And now for the big kick in the nuts. According to the site Game Reactor that interviewed Ono-San, Super Street Fighter IV is a console exclusive and will not be appearing in arcades. Here's a video of the interview, the comment comes at the end.

When the news was first broken on the new version of the game, they rumored that the game was going to have a month or two exclusive in arcades before ported to the home systems, but now it looks like they are just going to scrap it. The one good thing is they will not be charging a full 60 dollars for the game, so hopefully it won't be more then 50. There also saying to hold onto your copies of SFIV because there's going to be something as a treat for the loyal fans that kept the game. My guess would be an extra costume or two.

I would comment on the game changes to the game, but as I type this I haven't read anything official from Capcom about what their changing to the gameplay. I keep hearing that their going to add another Ultra or Super Move, per character, but other then that, I don't know yet. I'm not going to read into it and get my hopes up to see that they'll change it.

Overall, I'm glad their doing another version of the game. We all knew they would do this, because it's Capcom after all. They always listen to what the fans have to say and a Street Fighter game is almost never done. People always love to make fun of all the different names they give to every version of a Street Fighter game, but you know they make the game better. I really wish they would reconsider an arcade release. I like how Capcom did support arcades with SFIV and Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom but then when the games came out on the home systems they added a ton of extra characters to which makes the arcade one out of date. For me, more Street Fighter's a good thing and I'm glad their still making them. Now if only they'd make another Power Stone or Rival Schools game (with Sakura this time, please) then we'd be in business.

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