Thursday, November 5, 2009

2009 FROG-OFF November 20th and 21st at Funspot!!!

Here it is, straight from the mouth of Funspot:

2009 Frog-Off
Friday & Saturday, November 20th & 21st
Come watch as two of the world's best Frogger players compete to beat the legendary score of 860,630 set by George Costanza in the 174th episode of Seinfeld.

So if you got the weekend off, make sure to head on down (or up) to Funspot located at Weirs Beach, NH. This should be a very interesting and entertaining event. I am guessing Donald Hayes will be one of the two going for this high score, seeing that he has beaten George Costanza's high score on MAME. What makes this so cool is how when that particular episode of Seinfeld came out, the buzz all over the classic gaming crowd was that George's score is impossible to get. We are going to try our hardest to be their and to provide some coverage of the event. Stay tuned for more updates on the event and what type of coverage we will be able to provide.

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