Monday, November 9, 2009


Well it looks like Namco Bandai has launched a youtube channel, and with that channel comes a plethora of videos! Below we have some great TANK, TANK, TANK! videos that includes an HD version of their promo video ,as well as what appears to be some interviews/podcasts about TANK, TANK, TANK (I don't know Japanese so, bear with me for the interview/podcast videos)! The podcast video's do offer some HD video's of the game in action with (albeit over the top) people reactions to the game. I am really excited about this game as it appears to be a lot of fun. I also love that the game can be played both in a co-op or Vs. mode. The game looks to be very over the top with a lot of crazy Monsters to fight. The game seems to be leaking with Kaiju/horror/sci-fi references. So check out these videos!

Here is the HD Promo Video

A Podcast for Tank, Tank, Tank!?

...Another one!?

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