Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Help Bring Virtua Fighter 5R to America!

Hey everybody. Nick here. I've been going through one hell of a cold. I woke up sounding like Bev Bighead from Rocko's Modern Life and still sound like that today. While I'm not under the effects of Nyquil I thought I'd give a shout out for the guys over on VirtuaFighter.com

I heard on Neo-Geo.com from Spin Master that they were starting a grass roots campaign to help bring Virtua Fighter 5R on consoles outside of Japan. Since it seems that Sega doesn't think there is a following of the game outside of Japan, they have pretty much decided that they wouldn't be releasing the new upgrade on any of the home consoles. Even the PS3 release was promised online play and they never followed through. Here's the skinny on the whole plan straight from the site.

A well known and respected VFer in Japan, Kamaage, was invited to meet with SEGA on the 28th January 2010. Leading up to this meeting, Kamaage approached VFDC with an opportunity to express our desire to have Virtua Fighter 5R ported to console directly to SEGA. He suggested we put together a document that explained a little about VFDC along with personalised messages from players in the community. If the document could reach 100 or so pages, then surely SEGA would be impressed, or so Kamaage thought!

After his meeting, Kamaage informed us that while the document was impressive, it simply wasn't enough. Kamaage now has another opportunity to pass our document to SEGA, but it must have more impact, at least 5x more!

The new target is 500 pages!

How You Can Help!
Simply post a reply leaving a message expressing your desire to play VF5R on console. Feel free to share your VF playing history, why you like the game, etc. To lend weight to your message, please leave your real name, and your location along with your post.

VF5R's whole release is a bit odd. Unlike every other arcade game where an owner can buy the game and they have it in the arcade till they see fit, Sega decided that the only way an arcade can have VF5R is to lease the game. So every month the arcade operators have to pay Sega a monthly fee to keep the game in their location. Naturally many operators have decided on not doing just that and have decided on other games like Tekken 6.

So when you get the chance, please go onto VirtuaFighter.com, sign up for their message boards and put your reply so they can give it right to Sega themselves. Be sure to include your real name and hometown to go along with the post. Since it sounds like they've got their foot in the door, lets hope Sega will listen to their fans and release the game outside of Japan.

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