Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Episode 8 Rebuttal and More

First, I just wanted to say sorry about the typos in all of the posts this weekend. I was using a netbook keyboard and it's a pain in the ass for me with my big meat hooks to try to type on it. Figured since I had used a PSO Keyboard Controller for the Game Cube I'd be used to it.

We had a lot of fun at FunSpot this weekend for their annual triathlon. Lots of people came out to compete and the video should come out really good. We didn't a few events but it's hard to film pinball on the third floor and the bar was packed when we played our round of darts. Dear God I suck at darts. I'm not sure where we placed in the event, but it was low due to the fact they asked for pledges and we didn't get any, we just went up and played. I ended up winning the pinball event and snagged a "Top Dog" T-Shirt with the event's logo on it. Funny, I go from 13th from last in the C Devision at PAPA to number one, guess I was the only pinball player there.

We shot a lot of video along with the two live streaming casts. Sorry about Friday night. While LiveSteam is great for shooting HD video and the Procaster is pretty cool, it doesn't work well with low bandwith. So while Friday looked like a slideshow with advertisements, Saturdays came out a million times better. Sorry folks, I know how many times ColdGuy has told me how good LiveStream is, but UStream just works better while we're at FunSpot. Don't forget to check both channel pages to watch the feeds just in case you missed them.

I took pictures of some of the "New" games and the ones we'll be reviewing, but no walk through videos. I wanted to on Sunday but it right after noon it turned into a madhouse filled with families. The video of me trying to talk about Triple Shot is going to be terrible, when people are looking at me and walking by it throws me off, so lets hope it looks better after editing. Here's the link to our photo page with the pictures.

FunSpot March 2010 Pictures

Now one of the videos I shot a few weeks ago was a rebuttal to the 8th episode of Arcade Hunters, the Weirs Beach Arcades. Because 2600 doesn't speak on camera he had to put a lot of text at the end of the 3rd part. I knew people would take it the wrong way and judging by the comments on YouTube I was right. So I did this video to clear things up.

Of course, I ended up getting a ton of replies to the video but the stupid inbox only showed one comment. Yet, every asshole that posts stupid and nasty comments on the interview with James Rolfe magically goes right to my inbox without fail. I'm really considering shutting off the comments with that one. I'm so sick of people telling me I have down syndrome and that I'm checking out James's unit. Then you have people that don't know the AVGN is a character and wonder why he's not cursing me out and beating me up. Should I really expect anything less from Youtube?

Well anyways, that's the days update, hope you like the pictures. 2600 is still without internet access, so I'll have a new Home Port Review up on Friday.



  1. Hey man don't let Youtube comments get you down. There are good (mature) people out there in the gaming community on there. James tends to have a large following and as such a lot of immature idiots. Keep the faith man and just do what ya do. Haters gonna hate cause that is all they can do.

  2. Trust me, I don't let them get me down. I don't want to turn into Armake21 and self destruct after trying to go after all his negative comments. Still waiting for the Action 52 movie... I just wish people would think before they type.