Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some news, for a change.

Nick here, going to take a break from Street Fighter month to bring you some arcade gaming news. Sorry if it's just been, video, video, video and no news, but I was able to get a lot of work done (unlike today) so I got most of the videos done. Just need three more games on the PS2 and onto the Dreamcast and finish it off with the 360, when I get it back this week. So here's some news from the past week.

On Wednesday the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas was burglarized. But what the crooks were after weren't the money inside of the machines, but the copper wiring in the electrical panel boxes. They pretty much smashed the door down, ran in with bolt cutters and chopped up their panel boxes taking all of the cables inside them. They got away with a little over 30 dollars in copper, but they cost the Hall of Fame over 10,000 dollars worth of damages. Thankfully they did get the boxes repaired and new locks put on the doors and the Hall of Fame is back in business. So if you guys are in Vegas, be sure to take some of the money you won at the keno table and feed some of those pinball machines and help them get back on their feet! They will be getting the brand new Iron Man table from Stern in this week, so be sure to check em' out!

Update on the Pinball Hall of Fame Copper Theft

Back in March Sega announced that they would be closing half of their GameWorks arcades here in America. But of course, some of the news sites just picked that up this week with the usual "OMG!! Arcades are DEAD!!!" but Arcade Heroes are reporting that another party has already stepped up and is running the GameWorks in Tampa Florida. The biggest part of this story is that while they are closing, they kinda failed to notify people that had scheduled parties and paid in advance. Hopefully all of that will get cleared up.

GameWorks in Tampa already under new ownership

And finally tonight a last bit of cool info I wanted to share. You planning on a trip to Japan soon? Want to know where some of the best arcades are? Then let Oichi from Versus City show you the way! Oichi has picked his five favorite arcades in Japan that are worth checking out. I'll have to hold onto this list if we ever get a chance to do a Far East episode of Arcade Hunters.

5 Essential Arcades

So that's the news. Hopefully you guys have been enjoying Street Fighter Month, be sure to check back in tomorrow for another video review!

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