Friday, August 13, 2010

Arcade Hunters Need Your Help!

Some of you might have noticed the paypal donate button to the right side and are thinking what gives? pan handling? Well yeah, sort of....

We are looking to expand Arcade Hunters as a site and to take both the site and our videos "to the next level." By this I mean to a more professional level. In order to do this we need to obtain some new equipment and to become "known" in the arcade scene. For known I do not mean internet famous like the Angry Video Game Nerd, but rather known by arcade operators. So far we have been doing what is known as "Guerilla Film Making" where we just go in shooting without any permission and sometimes flee or hide cameras when necessary to film the arcade. So, here is a list of ways you can help support us to further grow and improve our site and videos:

1.) Donate. You can click the paypal button and donate whatever amount you want, every little bit helps. Any money that is made from our videos when you click on the ads and any money donated goes right back into the site through the purchasing of new equipment, hosting, and purchasing the numerous tapes required for filming.

2.) Tell Your Friends. You know anyone who is into arcade games and arcade gaming, send them the link to the site. Word of mouth works great.

3.) Tell Arcades You Found Out About Them Because of Us This is by far the most important way you could help us. If you ever take a trip to visit one of the arcades we cover, let them know! Tell a worker, manager, owner, whoever that you heard about their arcade from This will help with us being able to do more arcade reviews with the owners and operators. It is very rare for us to get the operator and or owner to not only talk with us, but give us a tour of their establishment. You will see in the new video (scheduled to be done by Monday) that having the owner give us a tour of their place makes for a better informed and even more entertaining video.

That's it for helping us out. We know money is tight with pretty much everyone these days, but you do not need to donate money to help us out! Watch our videos, check out a sponsor, and tell arcade owners where you found out about their place!

On a side note, I just picked up Final Cut express (out of pocket, we haven't come close to making the cost amount with which will enhance our video and video options. The first video to be cut with final Cut Express will be the new walkthrough investigation of Richie Knucklez that Nick and I did last weekend. So check back Monday for the video and in the meantime, here is the live feed from Richie Knucklez!

Watch live video from Richie Knucklez Arcade Games on

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