Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Quick Look At Journey The Arcade Game!

Hey everybody. First of all I would like to thank everybody for getting the word out about the newest Arcade Hunters episode. The first video has had over 100 views just on Blip alone in just a few days. That's not much but some other reviewers standards, but it's nice to see people are watching the videos before we post them on Youtube. As I've said, we're not going to abandon Youtube all together, but we want to draw the people watching the videos there to come to the site to see them in higher quality before we post them there.

Today I have a quick look at Bally/Midway's Journey The Arcade Game! Sadly it's not that long because it was only my second time every playing an actual arcade cab of the game. As we said in the tour with Richie, this game is VERY rare and hard to come by. Sadly the tape in the tape deck doesn't work, but all it needs is a new tape and it will play during the bonus round again. If you're craving some more Journey, then don't worry. We filmed a full review of the game in high quality and it will be out soon. We'll also have more stuff from our pal Coldguy, including an interview as well as Coldguy and myself going two player on Smash TV! So stay tuned and enjoy today's video!


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