Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Street Fighter Alpha Review

Continuing onwards with my Street Fighter Reviews, here's Street Fighter Alpha Warriors Dreams from the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology off the PS2. I remember the first time I played this back at the old Q-Zar. My friends and I had just gotten out of a rousing game of Lazer Tag when I saw it in the corner. So I popped 50 cents in and went to town. It was great seeing them go back to the past and bring back characters like Adon that were only in the first Street Fighter and seeing Sodom make an appearance from Final Fight was awesome too. Be sure to keep checking back for the other Alpha games.

Speaking of Street Fighter it's pretty certain to say that Yun and Yang will be in the SSFIV arcade game. It sounds like they'll be making a ton of announcements at the Tokyo Game Show in two weeks about the new characters in Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. I'm really wanting to know who from the Marvel side their adding in. Capcom's Seth Killian said the announcement is going to "blow peoples minds" so I'm really looking forward to see who its going to be.

So enjoy today's review and we'll be back with more!

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