Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PCB's Vs. Console Download

Sarge here with your Wednesday post.

With the surge of classic games being released on current generation consoles, I'm seeing a lot of people selling their PCBs and settling for the port or "HD Remake" of their classic favorites. I for one could not agree with the notion of selling the PCBs for emulation only ports. Don't get me wrong, console versions are still fun in their own aspect and love playing them as well. Not trying to come off as an elitist or anything, but here's a case in point:

Double Dragon was released on the Xbox 360 with the option to play the classic version of the game or the new HD version. As with many, I downloaded this title and loved having this on a console. Time passes and my system gets a Red Ring of Death. I tried to re-download the game onto my new system and SURPRISE.....they've pulled the title out from their lineup. So here's an arcade classic that people have paid money for, and now it's gone. Even calling Microsoft, they told me that the game was not available. Another title soon to join Double Dragon is OutRun Online Arcade. It was announced that OutRun Online has been taken down from the PlayStation Network but will stay on Xbox Live Arcade until December 2011 (See "Outrun Online Arcade Disappearing from Xbox Live" article at This title will still be available should you initially purchase it before December 2011 and need to download the rights to a new machine.

I understand the concept of pulling ex-profitable titles sold either digitally or physically. Going back to the initial point of this post, if you're going to sell your classic PCBs make sure you keep some kind of backup. Even if they release Violent Storm as a download, I'll still hold onto that Konami board.

Sound off with your opinions below!


  1. I only see this as a problem for newer more expensive PCBs, like Cave games, where XB360 ports cause a knee-jerk reaction to sell before the PCB value drops. I can't see the logic in doing this for less expensive classic titles like Double least not from a real PCB collector.

  2. I like the port of Burgertime for the Wii in the Data East compilation. It plays great with the Tatsunoko vs Capcom joystick. It's as close to the real thing as I can get.
    Now, I can't wait to buy a real Burgertime one day! Do any of you own a real one?

    For those selling their PCB, maybe this was just the excuse they needed as they were wanting to sell them all along?