Monday, November 15, 2010

Nick and Chris Visit Castle Video!

As you may have saw from a few weeks ago I had discovered on that one of our favorite places, Castle Video in New Jersey would be closing down. Captain Kirk was going through hard times when we visited the second time but I thought everything was behind him, but I guess he just couldn't make ends meet.

So lets go back to this past Thursday. I had just finished work and I logged into Facebook. I got a message from Chris Bucci who if you don't know has an excellent collection of Turbo Grafx 16 and Pinball videos asked me a question. He wanted to see if I wanted to join him on a trip to Castle Video because he had never been there before and he wanted to see it before it closed. So I instantly said yes, hopped on the train and met him in the city and we were off. This video is some of the highlights of our the games we played for five hours and a tour of what you can still play.

You can't really see it on my camera but there's little post-it-notes on the machines with price tags. Most of the games have been sold and others are still up for sale. I would like to say to anybody that has gotten the games from Kirk to take good care of them. Chris really knows his stuff when it comes to pinball and he and I agree that Kirk kept his machines in amazing shape and they should be worthy in anybody's collection.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Big special thanks to Chris for taking me along with him to play some great games and getting some good videos too!

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