Monday, December 6, 2010

Recent Tournament Videos

Hey folks, Nick here with a bit of news regarding the previous pinball tournaments we have visited in the past weeks. Two weeks ago on Sunday I attended the Brooklyn Pinball Championships at the Satellite Lounge. Really nice place with a great collection of tables. For some reason the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn has it when it comes to bars with gaming. You've got Barcade, Satellite Lounge and the people that started the "Brewski Ball" tournaments have opened up their own bar called Full Circle. So if you're into some good gaming and some good brews, Williamsburg is the place to be in Brooklyn. I hope we'll be able to cover each of the bars on future episodes of the show, I'm thinking of calling it "Arcade Hunters: After Dark". What do you think?

This past weekend Sarge and I went to the final tournament at Castle Video. Now unlike what we thought only part of the Castle is closing. Kirk is shutting down the video and book store but he is keeping the self storage rentals, sadly the pinballs are all going to new owners or back home with Kirk. We both had an amazing time. It's so odd to finally be able to play pinball with other people at the Castle when we'd usually go it'd be empty but there was an amazing turnout and we look forward to sharing the videos with you all in the future.

Well I'm off to do some video editing, just need to get my musical collections, I wanted to say thanks for all of the helpful links I got to some more pinball music, I don't want to have The Twilight Zone and Attack From Mars in every video, but I really love those tunes, so look out for the video this coming week! As always, thanks for checking in and we'll be back with more!

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