Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rolling Stones NYC Launch Party Sneak Peak

Hey folks, sorry for not posting this on Friday, but I couldn't figure out how to do embed through my iPod Touch. Here's a little sneak peek of The Rolling Stones Launch Party. I made it down to the Ace Bar early while they were setting the games up. They had two machines for the party, the one on the left was set on easy two ball play while the one on the right was set to REALLY hard tournament settings.

The Mick Jagger target that moves around can be a bit tricky. In default settings you need to hit the target on a music note and if you complete all six it starts Album Multiball. However on the tournament machine you need to hit each target twice and if you had the targets lit, they didn't carry over to the next ball. Most people like myself couldn't get near five million but the tournament's winner Alberto got over 36 million points! Pretty nuts!

The full video should be up soon. I'm thinking about just doing a narration over the pictures and videos I took because being a game based on The Rolling Stones I can't use any of their music because even the first few notes of "Start Me Up" would get flagged and taken off of Youtube in a heartbeat. So stay turned for the video, but if you'd like you can check out the photos of the party over on my Facebook page, enjoy!

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