Friday, April 1, 2011

Vs. Slalom and More!

Hey folks, Nick here. A very happy April Fools Day to everybody. Rather then going through a fake video or doing a stupid news post that might end up making people angry... here's another video I shot at The Kong Off. It's kind of a continuation of the tour video because it shows off the back row of Nintendo Cabs that Richie had inside the main room at The Kong Off. Since it got REALLY crowded and loud throughout the weekend I only really went back there to play R-Type, so I'm sorry that the video is so short. I also thought I was taping Doctor Kong, Hank Chien playing Vs. Slalom but I ended up just taking a picture. So I gotta learn to make sure its taping a video and not in picture mode.

Hope you all enjoy the video. If you hip cats are on Facebook, be sure to check out the bar on the right hand side underneath the Blog Archive link. I started a new Arcade Hunters page that you can like rather then a club. As I said in the first post, I'm not used to Facebook so I screwed up my first profile when I opened up the Arcade Hunters Club. If you're still in the club, I will continue to post news and links on both pages, but please feel free to like the new page and get some conversation going. I hope to be brining you some new videos in the future and I'd like to hear your input on them.

So for Sarge, 2600 and myself, have a good weekend!

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