Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May The 4th Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day! I didn't even know it was an actual event till I saw all the messages on Twitter this morning. I guess since people love puns, why not have a May 4th Star Wars Day? So in honor of today being Star Wars Day, I've got a really cool video from about the very first Star Wars Arcade Game. It's a really neat interview with programmer Greg Rivera and he talks about a lot on what it took to make the game from the design of the flight yoke to the processors that run the game. It's a shame it's not longer because I would love to hear more about this classic game.

Star Wars really is lucky to be one of those movies that's had actual good games made from it, unlike today. I'm glad we've had great games like the Atari Star Wars trilogy, the Super Star Wars Trilogy on the SNES and still one of my favorites, the Data East Pinball Machine. It's also funny to know how Episode 1 almost killed pinball and the whole franchise in one shot. (Look through the page archive on 2600's review of TILT: The Battle To Save Pinball) Now when I play a Star Wars Episode 1 Pinball 2000 machine I can't stop quoting the Red Letter Media Mr. Plinkett Star Wars reviews. "SHA-BAMZ! BLAMMO! Oh my God! What's wrong with your FACE!!!" I wish I could find the photoshopped picture somebody did of the playfield that has arrows pointing to the middle ramp shots that says "Shoot here to make the game end quicker"

So from all of us at Arcade Hunters have a great Star Wars Day and check back in on Friday for some more fun!

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