Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Arcade Hunters Review: Cactus Canyon (Bally 1998)

Hey folks! First up of the individual pinball videos from PAPA 14 is a bit of a rare one. From 1998 it's the final traditional pinball machine from Bally/Williams, it's Cactus Canyon! Sadly the production of Cactus Canyon was stopped at a little over 900 units in order to start production of Pinball 2000. While the Internet Pinball Database  says there was 903 produced another video on YouTube has a collector unboxing a home use only Cactus Canyon that was numbed 905, so maybe he has one of the very last ones that came off the line.

The story in Cactus Canyon is a simple old west tale. You come to Cactus Canyon as a stranger and you can advance in rank all the way up to the Marshal. There's a bunch of cool toys the game has like the talking head and the train that goes along the ramp over the playfield. It's a shame not too many people have played this game, but if you ever happen to see one be sure to give it a go!

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