Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lafferty Place at Disney's Yacht and Beach Club

Hey folks, Nick back once again with part two of my Walt Disney World arcade tours. Today I'm checking out the arcade from the Yacht and Beach Club, Lafferty Place. I remember this arcade since we stayed at the Yacht and Beach the first year they opened. Back then they used to have a lot more games and pins. Of course back then it was all about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and we played the hell out of it there as well as pretty much every Disney resort arcade. The arcade now has a good mix of games. I still don't know why they have so many games like Super Money Ball Ticket Blitz when they don't have a prize counter. Seems stupid to play a game to win tickets when you can't turn them in for prizes. Also, since I didn't say it on the video, the Pirates of The Caribbean machine had weak flippers and the spinning time lock did not work. Other then that all of the machines I played were in good working order. 

As I say in the video there used to be a door that connected to the Beaches and Cream restaurant that I wish I could have gotten a video of. Since my family and I were going to the Beach Club side for breakfast they didn't open for a few hours. It's a really cool 50's style cafe that serves burgers, shakes and of course ice cream. They have a sundae called "The Kitchen Sink" which is pretty self explanatory. If you and your party can finish the sundae, you'll get a pin that is sought after by Disney Pin Collectors. The pin collecting stuff is crazy, what pisses me off is that they only had two pins for Tron left. The bulk of them came out when the movie did and all the collectors gobble them up and I won't pay top to dollar for a lapel pin.

Thanks for checking out today's video and I'll be back with more soon!

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