Sunday, December 11, 2011

Doctor Kong, a short but sweet documentary

I had a chance to catch the documentary short "Doctor Kong: Cutting Up the Competition" this weekend and I was surprised at how well it was done. It was like a breath of fresh air to see a documentary that honestly portrays a gamer in a positive light. This documentary is about Hank Chien who is a modest person who is not only a successful gamer, but he is also a successful plastic surgeon who graduated from Harvard. No punches are pulled in this documentary, it is just straight forward and honest, which is something that has been lacking from some of the more popular video game documentaries lately. If you get a chance check out "Doctor Kong: Cutting Up The Competition" on the Documentary Channel or head over to the website at:


(Nick Says: If you go through the movie in slowmo when they talk about the media exposure Hank got when he first got the record, you'll see the Arcade Hunters homepage for a split second before it vanishes!)

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