Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nick's January 2012 NYC Trip!

Hey folks. A few weeks ago I took a trip to the town so nice they named it twice, New York City. While I was there I visited three places. In this video you'll see Barcade and The Satellite Lounge in Brooklyn and Reciprocal Skateboards to check out Jon's new expansion. Now Jon has 8 (9 including the Royal Rumble that's not working at the moment) pinball machines running at all times! The Satellite Lounge also has 8 pinball tables to play and my friend Allen keeps them running in good condition. Including a rarely seen Rollercoster Tycoon.

If you'd like to check these places out, check the links below!

Also big thanks to my friend Cid, AKA OldSchoolNYCGamer on YouTube for coming along for a day of pinball! Be sure to check out his channel and subscribe on YouTube!

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