Thursday, March 15, 2012

Convention Problems

(Sorry that the sound is out of sync)

Hey folks, Nick here with a semi rant/update video. As you may have heard I have had a lot of real life issues that have come up. So naturally I haven't kept up to date with stuff here on the site and even calling people back. (Sorry Pedro) In the middle of January (When shit was really starting to hit the fan) I was contacted by I-CON about attending the convention as a guest. Our good friend Matt Hawkins gave them my info and I replied back the same day saying that I would be able to go and if they could send me more information. After another email of the person asking if I was going (to which I said yes) I didn't hear anything back, plus that was right after everything happened so the last thing I had on my mind was contacting them, when they contacted me in the first place.

Getting fed up I emailed the main mailing address and I got a reply back that night. I explained everything that happened and also forwarded the emails I got as well as sent out. I was then told that there was a problem with the email system and they were sorry and they couldn't secure a badge from me. I emailed the one person that was listed as an "event chair" and they pretty much told me it was my fault for not contacting them sooner. (Even though they contacted me. I wouldn't bother going if I wasn't being invited) So naturally I'm pretty upset about this. Even after trying to explain how I've put on multiple panels at the convention and have attended the convention since I was 13 it was like the blame was all on me.

I understand this isn't what you come to the site for, I'm way behind on news like The Act coming to the Apple App Store and the new pictures of the upcoming Wizard of Oz from Jersey Jack Pinball. I will make an effort to try to get some stuff up on the site as well and finishing some videos that I've had sitting on my harddrive for months. I just wanted to get this off my chest and see if anybody else had problems dealing with conventions like this.

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