Sunday, March 25, 2012

Reciprocal Skateboards Tour March 2012

Hey kids. Nick back again with a little place you might know called Reciprocal Skateboards. Since there really isn't any good places out here on Long Island to play pinball I try at least once a month to make a trip into the City to play some good games of pinball. Reciprocal is always first on my list because Jon is always there to keep the games running in top shape.

This is also kind of a test video. I'm using a different camera and I plan to use this camera on places where I'm invited to go to. So places like Reciprocal and FunSpot I'll try to use this camera for better quality. Any off the cuff, quick videos I'll continue to do with my iPod Touch since it's fast and easy and I can put it in my pocket quick if anybody object to me filming in their arcade.

Be sure to stay tuned all this week for some less then stellar quick play pinball videos as I close out the videos from PAPA 14. 

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