Saturday, April 28, 2012

2600 Visits Reciprocal Skateboards

Since 2600 has limited internet connection I thought I'd lend a hand and share the video here. Last weekend he came down to visit some family in the city (and didn't tell me, shame on you) and took the time to stop by to say hello to Jon over at Reciprocal Skateboards. He threw this video together with some special music from an old friend of ours. The music provided is from non other then our friend Andy who used to run Tokyo Game Action! He's been making music with his band over in Japan called Botolph Dissidents. If I get some more info on the band and if Andy's got any more tracks I'll be sure to edit this post for links for you to check it out. Thanks very much to 2600 for taking the video and thanks to Andy for lending us the awesome music!

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