Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dragon's Lair for XBLA Trailer

Hey folks, hate to put a post up the same day as 2600's Three Stooges Trailer, but I just saw this over on XBLAFan's site of the new trailer for Dragon's Lair coming to Xbox Live Arcade. They show off with a CGI Dirk the Daring how you can also play the game with a Kinect sensor. I wonder if they'll be less strict with that because I've yet to pass the room with the knight and the electric floor. I expect the game will cost around 800 MS points since Dragon's Lair is also on the PlayStation 3 for 10 dollars. For that price I'll just stick to the Dragon's Lair Trilogy CD-Rom that I got a couple of years ago on PC. The video isn't that good, but the extra bonus disk was worth the ten bucks I paid.

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