Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Pinball Arcade: April Update

Hey folks. A few days ago Farsight updated The Pinball Arcade to include two new games. Medieval Madness and for the first time ever, The Bride of Pinbot. The cost for both games is 4.99 and for the month of April you can play Medieval Madness for free, with adds. Hit the jump to see what I think about both of the new games that were added in the update!

Bride of Pinbot

I can see why this game is not a favorite of the higher level pinball playing community. Within my second game I found how easy it was to be able to score billions of points. The game is pretty much just two shots. You can avoid the bumpers on the right and the left scoop shot just stops the ball. Once you go through and complete building the bride you can spin the big wheel for millions, billions or a special, which is just an extra ball. Since there's no limit on the amount of extra balls you can obtain you can pretty much play the game for almost as long as you like. There is a risk/reward if you drain one of the two balls while the bride is human, but all you need to do is keep shooting and you can start it all over again. I made it to around 7,350,000,000 points and just let the rest of my extra balls drain.

Medieval Madness

One of the best of all time returns but unfortunately there is a lot of problems with the game in it's current form. Farsight said they will do their best to fix the problems so lets hope it doesn't take too long. Right off the bat you'll notice that you can not preform a super skill shot. In the game if you hold down on the left flipper and press the launch button, the ball will go around the castle to the flippers where you only have a few seconds to shoot a ramp to start a hurry up rather then just going through the gates for a normal skill shot. The problem is no matter when you put your finger on the screen the ball just launches so you can't preform it at all. This is also a problem for the trolls. In the game you can earn "Troll Bombs" that count as hits to the trolls by tapping the launch button. As of now there's no icon or anything that pops up to use them, so right now you've got to defeat the trolls with shots to each of them. The biggest problem however is noticed when you're playing it. The flippers aren't spaced properly. It's almost like playing with Lighting Bolt Flippers. If you brick a shot going up the left ramp, the ball will go right down the center unless you tilt the table. You can see this in the video. Since I was shooting video I didn't want to shake my iPad, so get ready to tilt if you miss your shot.

It sounds like a lot of problems, but don't worry. Patches are coming that will fix the spacing on the flippers and they also announced they will find a way to fix it so you can do a super skill shot and activate Troll Bombs. I'm still very happy with the quality of the tables. Medieval Madness looks a lot better then it did in the release of Pinball Hall of Fame on the 360/PS3 and it's great seeing the Bride's head rotate around like it did when I saw it as a kid. Hopefully they'll keep releasing packs of tables every month and if they do I'll keep trying them out and letting you know what I think!

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