Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stern's X-Men

For a while now it seemed like that Stern's game after Transformers and ACDC would have been The Avengers. In all of the "Behind the Scenes" videos you'll see tons of Avengers related photos hanging on people's wall from a bad cosplay photo of Thor to a picture of Scarlet Johamsson as the Black Widow. Well, while we were at FunSpot, Stern dropped the news that they'd be doing a game based off of the X-Men. For once it's based off of the comic book and not the movie series. Which I like since it'll make it more timeless.

Since I don't feel like cropping the pictures of the two different versions I'll just throw the link below so you can check them out four yourself from Pinball News. They've gone ahead and posted all the photos and the checklists of what's in each version.

Stern's X-Men from Pinball News 

As with all tables a lot of first impressions are rushing in. A lot of people are saying it's Tron in reverse and others on Pinball News are saying it looks a lot like Gottlieb's Stargate. I see that, but it's been a while since I played Stargate. Just as long as the announcer doesn't repeat "Shoot the sarcophagus" every five seconds.

I'll wait and see as always. I've yet to play ACDC but honestly I'm really looking forward to seeing what Jersey Jack is doing with Wizard of Oz. Jersey Jack surprised everybody this week by attending this year's E3 with one of their prototype machines. The reactions from the attendees seems very positive, even Pat the NES Punk and Roo from Retroware TV gave it high praise. I can't wait to try it out when Jon gets it at the skate shop.

What do you folks think? Who will reign supreme in this new pinball battle? Drop a comment below! 

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