Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ACAM 2012 "Test Tour"

Hey folks. Yep, I've still got to go through all the 2012 FunSpot tournament. With other stuff I pushed this aside, but fret not the videos are coming. This video today is more of a test video to see how long it would be to convert the HD video down to WMV. (PS. It took almost 2 hours for a 10 minute video, my PC can't take it)

So sorry in advance if I didn't go down all of the rows like I usually do. Somebody gave one of my videos a thumbs down while I was at FunSpot just because I didn't show the pinball machines (which are pretty much always there) so the next batch of videos will have pinball machines. I've also got to edit the review video we did of the Missile Command Cockpit cab and rather then doing my usual photo slideshow set to the theme from Starcade, I took some other videos with the HD cam that I'm going to try to edit together into a video, if my computer doesn't shut down while it's rendering...

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