Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Pinball Arcade: Update # 6

Sorry I'm a day off, but here's a look at the 6th update for Pinball Arcade. This update includes No Good Gofers, that you may remember from the Pinball Hall of Fame Collection and for the first time Elvira and The Party Monsters. The next update will have Elvira: Scared Stiff and the game I forgot, Gottlieb's Big Shot. Not Break Shot like I said in the video, which is a Capcom game. I'd love to see Capcom's games included in Pinball Arcade. Their all non licensed games but I think tracking down the actual machines would be a challenge. It's a shame not a lot of people got to play them. I have only played two Capcom machines, Break Shot and Pinball Magic. Chris Bucchi has a great video of Pinball Reproduction's version of Big Bang Bar and the other game that didn't get released called Kingpin looked like it would have been awesome.

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