Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pinball Hall of Fame Las Vegas HD Walkthrough Tour Part 1

We're finally off with the last of the videos I took while I was on my trip to Las Vegas and I saved the best for last. Finally here's part one of my twenty minute tour of the Pinball Hall of Fame. The first part of the video includes all of the current Stern Pinball games, the two games that were featured on The History Channel's American Restoration as well as a look at Midway's The Pinball Circus. You'll also see two of the old Williams bingo style games that would reward payouts. The owner Tim was telling me that they used to run the machines with the payout feature removed, but people would complain and ask why they couldn't give them a payout. So now their just left in the arcade without any power.

Be sure to check in later this week for part two!

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