Monday, February 11, 2013

Some Good News, Some Bad News

Hey folks, Nick here with a quick update. Yesterday two bits of news came out, one good bit and another bad piece of news. So first thing's first onto the good news. 

According to our friend's at Galloping Ghost in Chicago is now the worlds largest video arcade. Doc and the rest of the crew just welcomed in a stand up version of Sega's G-LOC making it their 375th game added into their location, beating out FunSpot's current total of 374 games at the last current count. Big congrats to Doc and the rest of the crew over at the Ghost!

Now for the bad news. I just read over on Facebook from the Gemini Arcade Palace's owner Julie that they will not be renewing their lease for another year and they will be closing on April 22nd. It's a shame to see them have to close. I could see that Julie really put her heart and soul into the arcade and tried everything she could to make everybody happy. If I get any news on them holding any tournaments or lock-ins I'll be sure to post it here. If you haven't seen it already here's the HD walkthrough video I took when I visited a few months ago. If you're on the west cost and you're a fan of Konami's Bemani series of music games you owe it to yourself to check it out before they close. 

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