Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Pinball Arcade Update #7

Well, you asked for it and now their back. More video reviews of The Pinball Arcade! I'm starting where I left off with the 7th update that was uploaded on Halloween of 2012. This update included Elvira's Scarred Stiff from Bally and Gottlib's Big Shot, Pinball Arcade's first electromechanical (or E.M) game. As usual the machines are all done with love and care, but there's one thing I didn't say in this version of the video that I'm kinda pissed about.

The guys over at Farsight have introduced Pro Versions..yeah just like Stern. For an extra few bucks you can get a pro version of a table that lets you alter the settings, just like on a real pinball machine as well as being able to control the ball using the touch screen. It's alright but I don't see myself going out getting every table they make a pro version of. The problem I have is with Scared Stiff. Being a game with the one and only, Elvira: Mistress of The Dark there's a lot of innuendo. So they included a "family friendly" mode of the game that doesn't include the few lines. The problem is the only way to play that version on The Pinball Arcade is to buy the pro pack. So lets say you get the pro mode, set the game back to the original settings with the saucy language, well guess what. The game won't let you upload your scores to the leaderboards. So even though it does nothing to change the rules of the game, you still can't upload and share scores with your friends. Kinda stupid. Hopefully there'll be a way around that.

Other then my gripe, the 7th table pack is still a lot of fun. Big Shot can be hard as hell trying to get all of the drop targets down in a single turn and Elvira is a perfect pinball host as always. I really hope Jersey Jack or Stern will bring her back for a third game.

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