Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gemini Arcade Palace's Last Day

Today marks the final day of operation of the Gemini Arcade Palace in Las Vegas. It was an amazing place to visit if you were a fan of Konami's Bemani series of music games, In The Groove and also it was a great place to play console fighting games. It's really sad to see them have to close. When I visited back in October of 2012 I saw the love that the owner Julie had for everybody who visited and for the games themselves. I say this all the time, I just hate it when I meet somebody that has a passion for arcade gaming that put their hearts and souls into making a great place for people to visit, only to have it fail. Meanwhile you've got other operators that could care less that just have the games functional and other people that suck money from people's pockets just so they can make a profit.

So today, we're dedicating the page to Julie and everybody who helped out and played at The Gemini Arcade Palace. If you're in the Las Vegas area please try to stop by and play a game or two. Everybody at Gemini, we wish you all the best and hope you return soon!

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