Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hey folks. When your reading this I'll already be up in New Hampshire for the 15th annual FunSpot Classic Arcade Gaming Tournament. Hope you guys and gals enjoyed the videos that 2600 had up this week. Here's what's going down with this weekend. If you'd like to follow the event live you can check it out over at Dave has been helping set up the tournament for the past few years and ever since he's taken the helm it's been amazing. We've gone from not knowing where we stand in the tournament to five minutes and the scores are all refreshed. I'm going to drop all of the social media links if you're not following us already, please make sure to do so! For some reason our Facebook page and Instagram account don't like each other. I used to be able to post a photo to Instagram and it'd automatically go to Facebook and then to Twitter. So I might be posting one or two a day to Facebook and I'll keep posting photos whenever I feel the need to on Instagram throughout the weekend.

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Please feel free to follow us on all your favorite sites and I'll have TONS of new videos from the tournament including a look at all three floors of FunSpot, the games from the 2013 tournament, new arcade and pinball reviews and a whole lot more!

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