Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Funworld Arcade Walkthrough Video and Impressions

Could Funworld in Nashua New Hampshire be on the up? Have they started to take better care with maintaining their games? Watch the video and read below to find out!

 About a week ago I was in the Nashua area and decided to stop by Funworld. Some of you might remember from our first Funworld Walkthrough video from 5 years ago that it was not exactly a great arcade. In fact it looked like an arcade that was on life support. All the signs were there. You had games in disrepair, out of order games, broken games still left on to steal your quarters, a mismatched maze of games dispersed randomly amongst its three floors... you get the idea. I am happy to report that the Funworld I visited last week was not the same Funworld. Games were organized by theme, out of order signs were supplied for any broken games, but most of all...the majority of the games were in good working order! If that wasn't enough, they have increased their pinball presence. As you will see there are a host of new Stern pinball tables that are both clean and in good working order. I am not the only one impressed with how Funworld has stepped up their game, Josh over at Pinball Soul mentions in episode 3 of his podcast that he visited Funworld and also thought that they have made some great improvements.

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