Monday, May 27, 2013

Gottlieb/Premier's Nudge-It Review


2600 here with a review of Gottlieb/Premier's Pinball redemption hybrid game, Nudge-It! Nudge-It is a simple game that requires the player, as the title so clearly states, to nudge the machine. You launch the ball with a standard pinball plunger and nudge the machine to try and get the ball to drop down one of four columns. From what I can tell, the object is to get the ball to drop down the column with the most lights. This rewards the player with both points and tickes. Nudge-It also has buttons for putting in ones initials upon receiving a high score. Nudge-It is a smaller pinball table. The game is the same size as Gottlieb's Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World. Nudge-It has no flippers and reminds me of some of the original pinball games that were flipperless. Despite Nudge-It's simplicity, I love this game.

Be sure to check back on Wednesday for a new Walkthrough video!


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