Wednesday, July 17, 2013

FunSpot 2013 Walkthrough Tour Floor 2

Hello folks! We're back with a look at the second floor of FunSpot. Not that much has changed from the previous year's video. Some things were moved around and some games are gone. The Ice Age game was smartly replaced by ICE Game's Harpoon Lagoon. I'm strongly considering doing a review of the game because it's a hell of a lot of fun when you have more then one person playing. You can team up to get the big shark that goes through for bonus tickets then it's a mad dash to try to get the jackpot treasure chest. It's quickly becoming a huge earner out there.

The Sea Skate that was restored on the History Channel's American Restoration is still on the second floor with an added poster of the original flyer that was used to advertise the ride to arcades when it came out. Steve Ritchie's Superman Pinball machine was added to the small lineup of games on the second floor and of course one of my all time favorite games lives on the second floor, Sega's Outrun which I wasn't able to get video of since the ONE family decided to play it when I was taking the video...

One other thing to note was since they just opened I wasn't able to get video in the tavern which is located near the bowling ally. They added in the very rare "Champagne" Edition of Fire! as well as the cabaret Buggy Challenge which was used in last year's tournament.

Be sure to check back in on Friday for the final part of the tour!

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