Saturday, August 31, 2013

The 2600 Mega Post!

Hey folks, Nick here. Sorry for not keeping up with the site. I've been away for most of August and since 2600 has had some spotty internet connections he has only been able to put the videos onto YouTube. So I'm going to go through the stuff he's posted and share it here!

First video is actually from 2600's honeymoon aboard the Carnival Imagination. It's a quick look at the game room and from when I went on the Disney Wonder back in 1999 it actually looks a lot better. Still can't believe they put pinball machines on cruise ship arcades.

Next up is a look at the Dreamcast port of Under Defeat, being played on a Konami Windy Cab. If you're fans of the show you might notice this machine from other videos. It was one of the games in Andy's collection over at Tokyo Game Action and for a few year's 2600 has owned it. He plans on doing a full overview of the machine soon. 2600 is also going to be checking out the PS3 port of Under Defeat HD very soon!

Finally 2600 takes a look at the Virtual Console port of Donkey Kong on the Nintendo 3DS. Sadly this is just the NES port with all of the imperfections and lack of the famous 4th "Pie Factory" level. There was a fan made version of DK that added in the Pie Factory and Nintendo even had it as a downloadable game but I'm not sure if you can still buy it through the E-Shop. (Drop a comment below if you still can)

Well, be sure to stay tuned all of next week. I just got back from my trip to Florida and I've got a ton of new videos including a second look at The King of Kong Arcade and The Game Station as well as Universal Orlando's arcades and a return trip to Disney Quest! So be sure to like, favorite and subscribe!

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