Monday, October 28, 2013

Modern Pinball NYC Walkthrough Tour (Oct 2013)

Opening TODAY!!! 

Here's a brand new, sneak peek preview tour of Modern Pinball NYC!! Since I wasn't able to make it on Monday for the opening, I asked my friend Steve who co-owns the place if it was already if I came down on Saturday to get a look while they get everything set up and man is it pretty. For the few hours I was there we kept turning people away. There was a lot of interested people walking by wondering what was going on thinking it was an arcade, one guy was a big pinball player in the 70's and he was rattling off games left and right and wanting to know if they'd have them.

Modern Pinball is a new type of business. Steve calls it an interactive showroom. This is how it's set up. All of the games inside are set for free-play. For 20 dollars you can play all day for as long as you like, they also have hour passes and half an hour passes. (10 for an hour, 7.50 for half an hour) Every time you visit and pay to enter that money you spent can go towards buying your own pinball machine. So if you go for a few months, few years all of the money you spend there can go towards bringing a table home!

Their planning on having tournaments as well! The first one will take place on Saturday November 16th as part of a series of pinball tournaments taking place all over the U.S for "Flip Off Hunger". So for 40 dollars you get entered in the tournament and part of the money will go to the Food Bank of NYC so you get to play some great pinball and help a good cause too! So click on the link below and be sure to check them out!

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