Monday, November 25, 2013

Jackbar Walkthrough Tour (Oct 2013)

On the same day I visited Modern Pinball NYC I also went to check out the brand new Jackbar in Brooklyn. This place had several names, one you might know if you're an older viewer of the videos. This place used to be known as the Satellite Lounge but was originally called The Luna Lounge. The owner of then Satellite Lounge decided to retire and move to Florida. (Pretty much the fate of all us New Yorkers) Instead of totally shutting down our good friend John from Reciprocal Skateboards bought the bar out, changed some stuff around and now it's known as Jackbar.

Inside Jackbar you'll find 9 pins all in good working order. Some games John had at the skateshop are now located here in Jackbar, so you might notice the Twilight Zone, Wizard of Oz, Lost in Space and the No Fear from the other location. John still has games at the shop so if you're not into the bar scene you can still play games like Spider-Man and High Speed II at Reciprocal.

Just like Reciprocal, John keeps all of the games at Jackbar priced at 50 cents per play, even the new Wizard of Oz. So the next time you're out in the area be sure to stop on by for a brew and some pinball!

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