Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sega 3D Classics: Galaxy Force II

Hey folks! Nick here with yet another look at a Sega 3D Classic on the Nintendo 3DS. Today we're checking out 1988's Galaxy Force II! Sega really were the kings of the arcade. They always seemed to top themselves with every game they did and Galaxy Force II was the game with the biggest "wow factor". I didn't get to see the game often, due to it's size and also how much the game cost. There was a smaller motion version of the cab but I never saw it, just the "Super Deluxe" edition that spins 360 as you play. The arcade in Disney World used to have it, and if you look up the Disneyland People Mover from the early 1990's you can catch a glimpse of the game sitting in the Tomorrowland Arcade. Even the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson owned a Galaxy Force II machine. It was sold the estate auction after he passed, I have no idea who owns the game now.

If your a fan of Sega's Afterburner then you'll like this game because it's pretty much "Afterburner in Space". The game has the same exact controls. You have your flight stick with machine guns and you fly over far away ships to lock onto them and take them down with missiles. But unlike Afterburner you can't target a large group of ships until you get the power up which will let you shoot down a ton of enemy ships. The two biggest differences is in the beginning of the levels you have almost free reign on where you want to fly. Towards the middle of the level you will go back onto the path they want you to take where you have to fly through an enemy base to destroy the core. That's where the throttle comes in handy for when you have to make some tight turns, if you hit the wall you can kiss your shields and a good chunk of energy goodbye.

Finally I guess I gotta address the elephant in the room and talk about the new YouTube changes. Everybody's going nuts, some folks have a lot of videos taken down and while we didn't have any taken down in this week's changes we have had some and due to that our account is in the red. The last video that had a strike was the Predator Pinball video. Even though it only had a few sound bites and no movie footage whatsoever it still got flagged WORLDWIDE. So even though a review should count as Fair Use I'm not going to put adds onto our review videos. I will try to see if they'll still work on the walkthrough videos, but if they ever take us down we still have our Blip channel at so if we ever do get shut down from these new bullshit policies, you'll know where to find us.

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