Monday, December 2, 2013

Sega 3D Classics: Space Harrier

Sorry for not posting this last night, I wasn't planning on making a video about this one since I knew 2600 had wanted to do reviews of both of the new Sega 3D Classics but due to his flaky internet access up in the boonies he's unable to at the moment. Also, I really wanted to use the stop motion animation video that 2600 made since I haven't done an arcade home port review in a VERY long time.

So today we're looking at Sega's classic, Space Harrier off their new 3D Classics line of games on the Nintendo 3DS. These games have been available in Japan for a few months but now they're starting to make their way stateside. Still no announcement for you guys in the UK but hopefully soon. The first two games being released here are Space Harrier and Super Hang On. Thankfully Sega is using the arcade versions of both games and not the Genesis home ports. They have other games on tap like Streets of Rage 1, Ecco the Dolphin, Shinobi III and Sonic The Hedgehog. They're also releasing the arcade version of Galaxy Force II that simulates the full motion cab and sadly the Genesis port of Altered Beast.

This port of Space Harrier plays damn near arcade perfect. I only noticed a few sound issues but other then that nothing really major. They really went the extra mile by not only emulating the game but the cabinet itself. You have the option to play the game with the 3D and also have the screen moving in all directions just like if you were sitting in the cockpit of the original arcade game. It's a great touch. Well worth checking out for the 6 dollar admission. I hope this does well so we can see more of their classic games like OutRun and Afterburner.

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