Friday, December 6, 2013

Stern Pinball's 50 Years of Mustang and new AC/DC

Some big news out of Chicago this week in the pinball world from Stern. Three days ago Stern announced yet another limited edition version of one of their most popular tables, AC/DC. The new model is now called the "Luci" model. It's the same limited edition version with LED's and the hell mini playfield. This new version has a brand new backglass and side art. On the playfield everything is the same as the original Premium/LE versions of the game except for in the mini playfield where two girls are added in. So for those of you that missed out on picking the game up be sure you get in on this. The game will set you back around 7,500 bucks.

Then yesterday Stern unveiled their next game. Many had thought it was going to be Fast and The Furious, The Hunger Games or The Walking Dead but it looks like we were all wrong. Well to coincide with the announcement of the new 2015 Ford Mustang, Stern announced the next game was going to be "50 Years of Mustang". All we have now is this teaser trailer video with nothing else. All of our questions are still up in the air. Will they finally switch to an LCD display like Jersey Jack? Who's going to be designing the table? Will it suck like Viper Night Driving? All we do know is there will be licensed music from Sony Music and driver and co-host of the American version of Top Gear, Tanner Foust will be providing his voice as the game's host.

As always we'll have the latest news as it breaks! Be sure to tune in this weekend as we'll be checking out the Data East classic, Karnov!

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