Friday, January 10, 2014

Windy Gaming preording Japanese Candy Cabs!

Back in 2010 our good friend Sarge wrote up an article called, "So you want to buy a Japanese Candy Cab?" and it quickly became one of our most popular articles on the site. (Well before Google screwed us and we had to move sites.) If you haven't read the article yet, thankfully it's still up here on Blogger.

So you want to buy a Japanese Candy Cab?  (You can also check out more of Sarge's articles listed under the "Arcade Tips" section of the site)

Well if you ever wanted to get your very own Candy Cab our good friend Chris over at Windy Gaming is going to start taking preorders very soon! There's three different Sega made Candy's you can choose from. You get a discount if you preorder early, if not the prices jump up fifty dollars. Here's a list of what you can get with both prices!

Sega Astro City $700 Preorder $750 Normal

Sega Blast City $900 Preorder $950 Normal

Sega New Net City $950 Preorder $1000 Normal

Their really nice cabs and if you ever wanted to own your very own, now's the time! So make sure you check out and contact Chris and find out to get your very own Japanese Candy Cab!

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