Thursday, April 10, 2014

Modern Pinball NYC Walkthrough Tour (April 2014)

Here's the look at the current lineup of games that you can play at New York's own, Modern Pinball. Since I visited on a Thursday night it was MUCH less crowded then when I tried to take a video on a Saturday during a week of school vacation. Sadly some of the games they had are now gone. Spectrum was having too many problems so they took it out and the very rare Cactus Canyon is now gone. Demolition Man was back and running which was great since it wasn't working when I last visited. I'm still not that good at the game but I can see why people have been wanting to make modifications to the game's code. The Cryo Claw is a cool toy, but it slows up the game. It seems to be the same problem that Judge Dredd had.

Of course the newest toy is the new Stern Ford Mustang Pro edition. If you didn't watch the full intro video on Blip.TV you can see where I point out the broken plastic as well as the POORLY cut out 360 bowl. It looked like somebody cut it out with a hacksaw, so it takes the ball a little bit longer to drop back onto the playfield.

Also, with the Blip.TV account we hope to have the channel verified soon. I had no idea they didn't consider your channel complete until you added all of the artwork to the site. Hence why if you go onto Blip and look for any of our videos or Arcade Hunters, nothing will come up. 2600 has told me he plans on taking care of it this weekend. Also, be sure to check back on the site for the full, first episode of the all new Arcade Hunters Podcast!

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