Tuesday, May 13, 2014

America's Most Haunted @ Pinfest 2014

One game I've been looking forward to playing for almost two years now is Ben Heck's America's Most Haunted. If you're a classic gamer you may have heard about Ben's mods like his famous portable consoles and his weekly show on Element 14. For the past few years he's been designing a pinball machine and now with the help from the fine folks at Spooky Pinball the game is almost ready for the masses to enjoy. At first they where going to call the game Ghost Squad but it's already taken so America's Most Haunted it is.

I've been keeping tabs on Ben's YouTube channel where he was showing off the game from it's beginning to where it is now coming up with new in game features like a video mode called Flippy Ghost. (Think Flappy Bird) One of the toys in the game is the Hellavator. After shooting the right ramp three times you can hit the stand up target to bring the Hellavator up to capture balls for one of the multiball modes. Sadly I was only able to lock two but I saw somebody get all three locked in. There's also the main toy of the RGB lighted Ghost. Depending on what mode you're in the ghost will change into different colors. So if you're in the haunted T.B hospital fighting the crazy doctor ghost, the ghost and the game will be in green. Get up to the final wizard mode where you have to fight the demon and the game and ghost go red.

One thing to note in the video, there was an audio issue with the game early on Saturday morning. I wasn't able to get another video after they fixed it due to the game being very popular and most of the time there'd be a line of five or six people waiting to try it. As always with all new pinball games whenever there's new features and modes we'll be sure to try to get a video of them in action!

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