Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Games of Allentown Pinfest 2014

Last weekend was the Allentown Pinfest and of course you know I was there with the camera. This week we've got two videos for you. This weekend we'll be checking out the dealers but until then he's a look at all of the games that where available on Friday at Pinfest.

Pinfest is a bit different from most shows. The games set up in the freeplay area are all brought in by owners. All of the games have a card with the name of the game, the year it was made and if the owner wants to sell the game or not. So people will put a price as well as a way to contact them. Because of this if you don't attend on Friday you might not get to see all of the games there. Many times if somebody buys a game on Friday they either shut the game off or quickly load it into their truck and off it goes. So while I wanted to get some video of Sega's Star Wars Trilogy, Frankenstein and the $7,000 Attack From Mars I couldn't because they ended up getting sold.

Be sure to check in this weekend for a look at the many vendors that attended and also the second part of our Walt Disney World Arcades Podcast!

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