Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Flippers North Carolina Walkthrough Tour! (July 2014)

Hey folks! Nick back from vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with the first of many videos from a new place! So when my family told me they wanted to rent a beach house in the OBX I thought to myself maybe they'll be some boardwalk arcades, sadly there's really none on the section of Coralla that we visited. There are some arcades on the shore but none near where we where staying. So I went to our good friend Dave's site at and wanted to see where the arcades where. If you haven't been there, do it now. Pretty much you can enter in your zip code or state and find where places have arcade games or pinball near you. While most places where 3-4 hours away in the middle of the state I ended up finding one about 45 minutes away from where we were staying. That place was Flippers Variety and Arcade!

I got up early on Wednesday since there's only one road going into Coralla and one road going out. So I was able to make it there a little after they opened their doors at 7AM. I had seen some photos and some poor quality videos of the place online but that didn't prepare me for what was inside. If you where to drive by the place you wouldn't think that this place would be an amazing pinball and classic gaming arcade. In fact it's a gas station on the outside. The owner Dave was telling me that a lot of people pay by charge card and never set foot in the door but sometimes they might have to pay cash and go inside and they are floored by what he's got inside.

Dave and his family have been in the amusement business their whole lives. He was telling me how his dad used to run a game route in Virginia and he and his brother did the same in the 1970's. He ended up moving down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the 80's and he started to amass a huge collection of games. When other vendors shut down he bought them out so if you're in the OBX and you find a pinball machine or an arcade game, it's a good chance that it's one of Dave's from Outer Banks Amusements.

He opened Flippers a little over three years ago where he lets people play some of the jewels of his collection. Dave goes all out with his games. Nearly every Stern pinball machine he buys is a special edition. Even the Mustang Pro was a special model that was built on April 17th, the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang. Since he's a huge fan of the Rolling Stones he's got both the 70's version and the rare, limited edition Stern version. (Which sadly isn't there when I visited) He even gets other rare games like Cactus Canyon and one of the 140 reproductions of Capcom's Big Bang Bar. I was shocked to see he even had an F-Zero AX deluxe cabinet! All of his games are in excellent working order and if you ever have a problem with them just shut the game off and let them know. While I was there I met one of the techs, Eddie who was in the middle of fixing the Ted Nugent pinball and then started to check out the Tron arcade game.

Make sure you check in with us in the coming weeks and months for more review videos and a final walkthrough of this amazing place! It gets Nick's Arcade Hunters seal of approval! So if you're in the OBX, make sure to check them out!

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