Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hersheypark's Minetown Arcade (June 2014)

Hey folks! Sorry I'm posting the video on the site so late. I'm actually in the middle of uploading the next video onto YouTube as I type this. A few weeks ago I visited Hersheypark in Hershey Pennsylvania. I had heard rumors that they had held an auction to get rid of some of their old arcade games, so I was a little leery about heading inside. Where all of the classics gutted? What would be in their place? Well it turns out that many of the classic games survived, while some did get taken out. Pretty much if a game that I had gotten a video of didn't work it's been taken off with only a few new games added in. Stuff like Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, Golden Axe, Capcom Vs. SNK 2 and MANY of the pinball machines that haven't worked have been moved out. It's sad to see some of them gone but then again I'm still missing games I played there when I was a kid. (I miss the triple screen Speed Buggy!)

So while I'm still missing games like the 4 player Demolition Derby, Hershey has gone and updated the arcade with some brand new games. They've added in a couple of good ones, like Sega's newest Transformers: Human Alliance in the deluxe sit-down model, Batman from Raw Thrills/Specular Interactive, Aliens: Extermination and even a new Star Trek Pro from Stern! Sadly the machine already has an "Arcade Quality" issue. The center drop target in front of the USS Vengeance is always down, yet the game thinks it's still up. Even when you shoot all the way through it won't register as a hit, which makes getting the two multiball modes a pain.

The other "Playdome" arcade is still there but once again I chose not to take any video inside since it was crawling with little kids. Most of the games where the same as last year with some new ones like a deluxe Aliens: Extermination, Batman and a MUCH better working Star Trek Pro. It was on the newest software, the center drop target worked and it had a really low replay. I put the usual one dollar into it and must have gotten seven free games before I walked away to go on The Fahrenheit.

So let the rumors fade! The arcade is still alive and it's worth checking out between going on the amazing coasters!

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