Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stern's 50 Years of Mustang Limited Edition

During my trip to the Pinball Wizard Arcade a few months ago I had a chance to try the new Limited Edition Ford Mustang pinball machine from Stern. The game just came off the line in Chicago and is number 48 out of 500 their going to make. It was also on the code packaged with the game at 1.0. Hopefully owner Sarah will have updated the game. I've said in the past I don't really want to use "Preview" on the videos but since version 1.0 is nothing compared to what Stern has been doing with the game I can't really call it a review. I've gotten a chance to play the updated version of Pro model at Modern Pinball and it's been making the game a lot better so going back to the old code really sucks as far as giving you an idea of what the game offers.

Of course being a Limited Edition version of the game there's a lot of things you're not going to find on a Pro model that most places offer to play. First off is the cross ramp which I got ALL of my information wrong in the video. In some modes of the game the ball will travel up the left ramp and it will feed the ball to the right flipper lane to help you score combos. That of course isn't in the Pro models, they also took the "Creature Feature Bowl" out of the Super Jackpot on the Drag Race Multiball. I think it's only used in the main Gear Shift Multiball mode and Mustang Challenge Wizard Modes now. Now the ball will simply go to the left flipper instead of taking the long ride inside the bowl. Two things I didn't know until I started playing it is there's two new drop targets in the game called Cautions that give you 250,000 points as well as slow you down making combos. Kinda wish they where in the Pro's because they can send the ball on a wild path. The game also has an auto launcher on the apron like in Star Trek and finally the big feature, the "Showroom". In all models of the game there is a toy model of a Ford Mustang in the middle of the game. In the Pro it's a static toy car, but on the LE's and Premium models the car is on a spinning showroom pedestal. This is a mixed bag. While it looks cool the car sometimes will go over the "Mustang Shop" scoop. I was watching some new players get confused on where to shoot because sometimes the car will be over the scoop and since shot isn't lit from underneath you can sometimes miss it.

It sucks I couldn't "really" play the game since the game was playing an early code. Stern has been adding in a lot of things to help make the modes more clear to players with more shot calls and the DMD will tell you what to do. It'd be nice for a mode like "Crusin'" to tell you to shoot the lights in order for maximum points. I know it after playing it, but it'd be nice for new players. Once I play another LE/Premium with updated code I'll make sure to get a new video of it!

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