Monday, August 18, 2014

Attack from Mars (In Color!)

Welcome back to another fun filled week of videos from Flippers! Today we're checking out a favorite of mine, Bally's Attack from Mars now in glorious color! As you can see in the beginning of the video the owner of Flippers, Dave goes the extra mile with his games. Since the advent of the new Color DMD's he's gone out and gotten just about all of them. This was my first time playing many of the games with them. I've played Whitewater and The Addams Family so I made sure to play all of the games that utilized the new DMD and let me tell you, their really cool! You don't think you'd notice them since you're playing the game but it's amazing to see these games in full color. So all the crazy Martians are green, cows are black and white and they even give the explosions multiple colors. You really need to see it in person. Their newest game they've added to the mix is Doctor Who with (hopefully) Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure next.

I hate to say the gameplay of the game came out horrible. After playing it a few times I was up to about 4.5 billion and with the two games I got on camera I couldn't even break a billion points. For some reason they went insane on the point values on Attack from Mars so Trillion point games have happened and I've done it on The Pinball Arcade version with all the extra balls added in.

Since the game is so popular not many people want to get rid of it so you'll see the game command a hefty price tag. I was told from people that you could find them in the 4-5K range years ago but now the prices have all shot up. Hopefully after Planetary Pinball finishes their re-runs of Medieval Madness they could do Attack from Mars next. Some speculate that Cactus Canyon might be next due to the fact that it had such a low run that they'd want to get more out. So we'll have to wait and see!

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