Saturday, September 20, 2014

Indianapolis 500 Pinball Review

Here's one of the last videos I shot from last year, (I told you I take a TON of videos and pictures) at the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame, of Williams Pinball's Indy 500. I was debating on even putting this video up since I had nothing but horrible games on it but I knew I had to share it because of how nice the game was restored. The folks at the Hall of Fame got the game and it was filthy and grimy. They took the whole thing apart and cleaned it, top to bottom and threw in new LED's to replace the old dead ones and man does this thing shine.

Designer Dennis Nordman made a game that lives up the Indianapolis 500 name. The action in the game is fast and furious. There's tons of great combo shots and great ways to score points. I love the unique light up targets that for some reason they only used in this one game. (Sadly one of them wasn't working right so maybe they where unreliable? If you've got an Indy 500 chime in, I'd like to hear more about why.) I used to play this game at the local Okie-Dokie restaurant in the late 90's and even then the game still beat me up. It's super satisfying when you can sink the ramp and lock combo to start the Turbo Multiball mode. When you get all four balls going on the game with the mini-shaker motor going off the game really picks up. I hope the guys from Farsight can find a way to bring it to The Pinball Arcade, because other then PAPA and The Pinball Hall of Fame I never see this game on location anymore.

If you ever see one in your travels make sure you check it out!

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